AMD Opteron OS4234WLU6KGU 4234 6-Core Processor w/ Thermal Grease

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The AMD OS4234WLU6KGU Opteron 4234 Processor is essential for the performance of your system, as it handles all instructions it receives from the hardware and software running on your system. From the AMD Opteron 4200 processor family, this processor sports high performance capabilities and a fair amount of flexibility with memory capacity and core specifications. 

Complete with an efficient and performance ready 6 core setup and a clock speed of 3.1GHz, the AMD OS4234WLU6KGU Opteron 4234 Processor comes ready for high productivity. 

The AMD OS4234WLU6KGU Opteron 4234 Processor has been removed from a working unit, tested for complete functionality by our expert in-house AMD Certified Technician and is ready to ship today! 

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