Catch Us at E-Scrap 2017

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 15th 2017

As some of our customers will know we at Alta Technologies are always looking to replenish our stock of refurbished computer equipment. We keep stock of all the top names like Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and many more, and we make sure we always have the parts you need, from fully configured servers and desktops to all the components inside such as processors, memory, hard drives, network adapters, and so on. In order to keep our stock full and up to date, we need you. Specifically, we need your eScraps, which we are more than happy to purchase off your hands.

In order to stay on top of the electronics recycling industry, Alta Technologies has to constantly keep up with growing trends and policies within the eScrap game. One of the most helpful tools we have at our disposal for this is the yearly E-Scrap conference.

Hosted annually for the past 15 years, the E-Scrap Conference brings attendees from all over the world to provide an informative and enjoyable experience about the electronics recycling industry and everything you need to know to succeed and thrive within it. Discussions, presentations, and Q and A sessions are in abundance on subjects such as trends on the industry within the U.S. and Canada, collection issues with eScrap, market factors on recycling, policy and legislation for the recycling industry, and more.

At E-Scrap 2017, attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leading groups, including the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), Greeneye Partners, National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER), and several others in order to further understand policies and trends. They will also be able to attend several workshops for even more educational opportunities.

The E-Scrap 2017 conference is being held at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate in Orlando, Fl on September 18 - 20. Naturally, Alta Technologies will be in attendance to take advantage of the information, and the opportunity to meet potential eScrap sellers. We will be on the look out for any who are interested in selling their IT gear. Maybe we will see you there. If not, but you want to earn some cash for your old IT gear, call us at 800-546-2582.