From the Shelf to eBay

From the Shelf to eBay

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 8th 2017

In October of 2016, Alta Technologies took a step into the online marketplace when we registered with the e-commerce juggernaut eBay. Since then, we have grown in sales and customers exponentially, and there doesn't seem to be a slow-down in sight.

With our own Alta Tech online eBay store, we have been able to reach more people with our excellent refurbished computer equipment and our outstanding certified technicians, marketing team, and sales representatives.

Established in 1985, Alta Technologies was primarily run as a broker to broker business until October 2016. Soon after that, we were able to increase our percentage of profitable sales to over 50%, and the growth has only continued. Over the past 8 months, sales have increased significantly month to month, and we have seen a 38% increase in just the past 90 days.


As one would expect, this huge leap in financial productivity has been a team effort, and only thanks to everyone here at Alta Tech has this been possible. As the Midwest's largest distributor of factory refurbished computer equipment, we have one of the most extensive inventories within our warehouse, which is continuously being restocked and looked over by our amazing team of certified technicians, allowing the sales and marketing teams to properly catalog and list our products on eBay. Because of this close teamwork, Alta Tech's eBay store has seen a 30% increase in the number of visits in the last 30 days, and the projections expect that to increase, along with sales, exponentially.

From the warehouse shelf to the eBay store, our techs, sales reps, and web and marketing team are also always hard at work constantly updating the listings found on the eBay store, ensuring that our customers can always find what they need and that we always have it in stock. From taking dozens of unique photos of each product, to uploading them to our system, to packaging, all the way to shipping and receiving, the tasks are all carried out efficiently and with the utmost care.

Our teams are also consistently promoting our products and listings through various means, including flyers, social media, and much more. Facebook, Tumblr, and here on Blogger are just of the few of the places we promote our eBay store and our listings. Of those listings always being updated, we have been able to catalog all of the best brands in the computer industry, including Dell, HP, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and more, all accessible through our Alta Tech eBay store.

Over the past 8 months, Alta Technologies has grown exponentially and will continue to do so through our online store. Our excellent teamwork and promise of quality will continue to provide a dependable product, now to more people than ever.