People of Alta Technologies

People of Alta Technologies

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 15th 2017

Alta Technologies is growing faster than we ever could have imagined. We've gone from broker to broker sales to having a solid selling presence on both eBay and Amazon, with even more coming in the near future. Not only are we preparing to launch a new Alta Technologies website, we are also slowly adding on to our warehouse and office location in Plymouth, MN, giving us the opportunity to bring in more people onto our tight-nit group of hard working individuals.

From the front office where our administrative staff resides, to the sales floor where all the sales reps and online team work, all the way back into the warehouse where inventory is kept and shipping and receiving is handled, Alta Tech is a well oiled machine. Everyone is an essential cog in the overall mechanism, and everyone understands that we all play an essential part in the massive success we are experiencing. 

Paula, working hard in the front office area.

On the sales floor, our great team of sales reps buy and sell used and refurbished computer and IT equipment all day, keeping our warehouse full and making sure our connections with other brokers and companies stay solid.

With decades of experience between the lot of them and a multitude of personalities to interact with, our sales team is one of the most experienced and people-oriented groups around.

Working in close proximity with the sales reps is the online team. In charge of running our multiple web-stores, such as eBay, Amazon, and others, as well as marketing, social media presence, and these sweet, sweet blogs, they make sure that you, the customer at their computer, is able to access Alta Technologies and get the best experience you can.

When the sales reps and the online team get the orders to come pouring in, the warehouse steps up and makes sure shipping and receiving runs smoothly, and that inventory stays up to date. Quick and efficient, our shipping and receiving team stays on top of the ever growing number of orders without a misstep and makes sure our customers get what they asked for.

As you can see, our team at Alta Technologies, though diverse in our duties, knows how to work together to achieve great things. With everyone's help, we will continue to grow and expand. Which means you'll be seeing even more of us soon.