UCS Cisco Products

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 15th 2017

Cisco has long been a household name in the area of telecommunications thanks to their excellent IP Phones and their Catalyst line of Network Switches. However, their equipment excels not just in those areas, but also in servers and smaller components as well. Here at Alta Technologies, we have a variety of Cisco products, ranging from their well known Switches and IP Phones to their excellent Servers, System Boards, Cooling Fans, and much more.

One of our top Cisco lines that we have for sale is the UCS line of equipment, consisting of many of the products listed above. The UCS line specializes in virtualization, better networking through Fabric Interconnects (FI), and easier management thanks to helpful integrated software. Below are just a few of our more sought after items we have available for you from this family of computer and server equipment.

UCS C240 M3S Server

Cisco's servers are built for performance in many different environments, and this UCS C240 M3S is no different. This 2U rack designed server is built for simplifying management, increasing agility, and bringing you a better overall cost efficiency for your networking and storage needs. Storage-intensive applications, small and medium sized business databases, storage focused server centers, and the like are just a few of the environments that this product excels in.

For your convenience, we have two different types of this server in stock. The first one is a fully configured UCS C240 M3S, complete with 2 Intel E5-2650 8-Core processors at 2GHz, 128GB of RAM through 16 slots holding 8GB each, 2 HDDs with 300GB each with a rotation speed of 10,000RPM, and 2 power supplies. The second option is just the chassis with dual power supplies, but can be configured to suite your specific needs upon request.

UCS C240 M3 System Board

We also have System Boards compatible with the Cisco UCS line if that is your need. The Cisco 74-10443-03 System Board is compatible with the UCS C240 M3 Server, providing two server slots for more power and production power, as well as 24 memory slots for increased speed and efficiency.

Like the previously mentioned server, we have several configurations of the 74-10443-03 System Board for your perusal. We have a System Board with 2 Heatsinks, 2 CPUs, and 2 Fans, giving you all you need to get your server up and running in production heavy environments. Another configuration comes with 2 Heatsinks and 2 CPUs. This one comes with 2 Heatsinks and 2 Fans and no CPUs, making sure you never have a problem with overheating your processor, while this one comes simply with 2 Heatsinks. Our final configuration comes bare, ready to be set in the server and configured to your needs.

SAN ACE 60 Cooling Fan

If smaller components for your UCS, such as cooling fans and the like, are what you are looking for, then our SAN ACE 60 Cooling Fans are perfect. Highly effective, they are compatible with the C240 line of UCS servers, making sure your system stays cool so as not to be damaged from overheating. If you require more than one, we have several bulk options available, including Lots of 2, Lots of 4, and Lots of 6.

For more from Cisco's successful UCS line of products, check out our online store and browse our UCS products yourself. For more direct assistance, such as configuring your own server or motherboard, give our Cisco expert sales representative, Joe Marston, a call at 800-546-2582 or through email at joe.m@altatechnologies.com.