What Can Alta Tech's Team of Mikes Do for You?

Posted by Tyler Lee on Nov 10th 2017

The question in the title says it all: What can our team of Mikes do for you? ...besides confuse you, of course. But I kid. As many of our customers, clients, followers, and fans can attest, Alta Technologies has a smart and helpful team of sales representatives. But did you know we have something even better than that? That's right, we have a full team of FOUR Mikes to help you will all of your most demanding refurbished computer and server hardware needs. Do you know any other company that has so many Mikes to get the information and the supplies you need? I didn't think so.

So, you are surely wondering, "just who are these four heroes of the computer hardware industry?" I'm glad you asked.

First up is the original Mike, or Mike Sr. as he has been dubbed. Mike Brokofsky is our resident Cisco expert and sales representative. His knowledge of Cisco extends to most all of the brand's library of products, and his inventory is vast. From UCS Servers and Catalyst Switches, to network cards and smaller components, all the way to Wireless Access Points, Mike Brokofsky is the Cisco expert you need. You can reach him at 763-475-5386.

Second is Michael Pisarenko, or Michael P. His domain consists of both the vast library of Dell products, as well as many Supermicro products. He has the knowledge, the know-how, and the inventory to get you power supplies, system boards, host bus adapters, heatsinks, cooling fans, and much more. You can reach Michael P at 763-475-5303.

Up next is Mike Kidd, or simply Kidd as he has been affectionately named. Sounds kind of like a cool western nickname, right? Mike, the Kidd. Anyway, the Kidd manages an inventory--combined with a vast knowledge--of HP ProLiant products, as well as other HP products. HP ProLiant servers and parts are his specialty, and he can even assist you if you are looking for something along the lines of the HP T610 or T620 Thin Client desktop series. Don't hesitate to give the Kidd a call at 763-475-5344 or shoot him an email.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mike Kozicky, also known as Koz to the rest of the team. Koz specializes in all things IBM P-Series, as well as the NetApp brand. He stocks an extensive inventory of IBM P-Series servers and components, as well as everything you need from NetApp, including NetApp Storage and Disk Shelves, hard drives, expansions, components, and so much more. Contact Koz at 763-475-5312 and he can help you out.

Any company can attempt to help you out with adequate advice and an okay team. But only Alta Technologies has its team of Mikes, four guys that have everything you need when it comes to buying or selling refurbished computer and server equipment. Don't hesitate another second. Give one (or all) of these four Mikes a call, today.