Cisco 74-10154-01 UCS C240 M3S Riser1 Pilot Card

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Riser Cards are an essential piece of equipment for the success of your system. It provides your motherboard the option for additional expansion cards to be added to your computer, giving you added flexibility and capabilities for your system. The Cisco 74-10154-01 PCI Riser1 Card is compatible with certain Cisco systems and can bring you more connectivity and capabilities to your growing needs. The Cisco 74-10154-01 PCI Riser1 Card and could be just what you need to help your system grow. 

The Cisco 74-10154-01 PCI Riser1 Card has been removed from a new working Cisco UCS-C240 Server, tested for complete functionality by our in-house Cisco Certified Technician and is ready to ship today. Purchase with confidence, as the photos above depict the actual condition of these Riser Cards, which are bundled with our 90 Day Warranty

*Please note, we have additional Cisco Riser Cards in stock today; feel free to send a message and we will update the quantity to suite your specific needs.* 

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