Customize your DELL SERVER

Customize your Dell Server to suit your specific needs. If you know your exact specifications (CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, Chassis, Power) feel free to configure your own server or choose from one of our base configurations! We carry a vast inventory of New and Refurbished Dell Servers to suit the needs of any size business.

Choose Your Base Configuration

  • Classic only

    Starting at
    • x2 Eight-Core Intel Xeons
    • Up to 768GB PC3-10600R
    • Up to x8 3.5’’ SAS/SATA
    • 750W PSU
  • good

    As configured
    • 2.0 Hex-Core x2
    • 32GB PC3-12800R
    • 2 TB 7.2K SATA x4
    • PERC H310 RAID
    • Redundant 750W PSU
  • better

    As configured
    • 2.6 Eight-Core x2
    • 32GB PC3-12800R
    • 600GB 10K SAS x6
    • PERC H710 512MB RAID
    • Redundant 750W PSU
  • best

    As configured
    • 2.6 Eight-Core x2
    • 64GB PC3-12800R
    • 3TB 7.2K SAS x4
    • PERC H710 512MB RAID
    • Redundant 750W PSU

Dell Servers

The Dell PowerEdge R720 Server is a top of the line server that has the performance to push your productivity to the next level. It features high-density memory and balanced I/O for enterprise virtualization and business processing environments. For both power and productivity, this server excels in taking your business further, and is packed for performance computing with flexible and scalable networking. It also features powerful system management and enhanced operational efficiency, as well as the ability to keep pace thanks to a versatile storage capacity of up to 8 drive bays.

While the choices above represent some of the more popular configurations for an R720 Server, they are but a few of the total options available to you with Alta Technologies. If the above choices are not quite what you are looking for, you can customize your PowerEdge R720 to fully meet your needs.


When you purchase from Alta Technologies, you do so knowing that all hardware we provide you is guaranteed. We offer a 90 day warranty on all equipment, including parts and components for all of your IT hardware needs. For all servers, we offer a generous 1 year warranty that starts the day your server arrives. If you encounter any trouble, Alta Technologies provides helpful troubleshooting options and full support from our certified technicians, as well as free shipping on any replacement parts.

Questions & Answers

What server to choose or how to customize?

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