Elpida EBE10UE8ACWA-8G-E 1GB PC2-6400U Memory

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Random Access Memory (or just Memory) serves as temporary information storage for a processor. The more high-quality RAM your device has, the easier it is to do more and more complex calculations quickly, and the smoother it runs. A stick of Elpida EBE10UE8ACWA‑8G‑E Memory is an excellent choice for any device that uses 1Rx8 Unbuffered DDR2 DIMM memory. With 1 GB of PC2‑6400UDDR2‑800 Memory, this Elpida EBE10UE8ACWA‑8G‑E DIMM is sure to boost your system's speed and productivity.

This Elpida EBE10UE8ACWA‑8G‑E Memory has been removed from a working unit (such as a Dell OptiPlex Desktop), tested for complete functionality by our expert in-house Certified Technician, and is ready to ship today!

Purchase with confidence, as the photos above represent the exact quality of your items, and come bundled with our 90 Day Warranty.

*Please note, we have additional Refurbished Dell Desktop Memory in stock; feel free to send a message and we will update the quantity to suit your specific needs.*

Thank you for choosing AltaTech for all of your lightning-fast IT needs!

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