HP 0950-3651 Delta DLT8000 250W PSU Power Supply Unit

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As the name suggests, the HP 0950-3651 Power Supply is one of the most crucial parts of your HP storage system configuration, effectively supplying power to the rest of your system, as well as protecting your system from data loss in the event of a power outage or fluctuation. If your server configuration is in need of one, then this HP 0950-3651 Power Supply is just what you need.  

At 250W, the HP 0950-3651 Power Supply is capable of providing efficient power to your system while protecting your data from errors during power surges.

The HP 0950-3651 has been removed from a working unit, tested for complete functionality by our expert in-house HP Certified Technician, and is ready to ship today!

Purchase with confidence, as the photos above represent the exact quality of your items, which are bundled with our 90 Day Warranty.

*Please note, we have additional HP 0950-3651 in stock; feel free to send a message and we will update the quantity to suite your specific needs.*

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