Intel SL7PM Pentium 4 530 3Ghz Single Core Processor

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A processor is the core of any computer and is responsible for handling most if not all calculation and instructions. As an Intel Pentium 4 530 (formerly Prescott) CPU, the Intel SL7PM Processor handles your computing needs with its Single‑core design, completing operations at a speed of 3.0 GHz over a 800MHz bus. With 1 MB of L2 Cache and included thermal grease, this CPU is more than ready to boost the performance of your mPGA 478-compatible device.

This Intel SL7PM Processor has been removed from a working unit, tested for complete functionality by our expert in-house Intel-Certified Technician, and is ready to ship today!

Purchase with confidence, as the photos above represent the exact quality of your items, and come bundled with our 90 Day Warranty.

*Please note, we have additional Refurbished Intel Processors in stock; feel free to send a message and we will update the quantity to suit your specific needs.*

Thank you for choosing AltaTech for all of your lightning-fast IT needs!

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