eBay Open 2019

eBay Open 2019

Posted by Tyler Lee on Jul 30th 2019

"We are the human commerce company," eBay CEO Devin Wenig said as he kicked off the opening sessions on the second day of the eBay Open, eBay's annual marketing conference in Las Vegas. Over 1,500 sel … read more
Tape Drives and Tape Media

Tape Drives and Tape Media

Posted by Tyler Lee on Jul 1st 2019

Tape Media, and the use of Tape Drives, is a very efficient storage solution, but one that is often overlooked. Many prefer the use of hard disk drives. However, though hard drives are also quiet effi … read more

Juniper Networks Switches and Modules

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 26th 2018

Network switches are an important piece of your business infrastructure. Flexible connections, as well as plenty of power and speed through those connections can define the performance in many an offi … read more

New and Exciting Changes with our Warehouse

Posted by Tyler Lee on Jul 20th 2018

Change is inevitable with growth, and that is exactly what Alta Technologies has been experiencing (and will continue to experience). With our growth, we needed to expand in order to increase our prod … read more

Servers Vs. The Cloud

Posted by Tyler Lee on May 10th 2018

So, you've had that old server for quite some time. It has done you proud, worked well, did what it was meant to do, but its time has come and you need to replace it. But, what do you do? In today's e … read more