Alta Technologies New Website

Posted by Tyler Lee on Apr 27th 2018

It has been a long, challenging, but ultimately rewarding road to this day; from launching our eBay seller site and our Amazon store, to all the work we have put into making sure our website is completely optimized for our online clientele. And now, it is here.

Of course, I am talking about the launch of Alta Technologies's brand new website. This has been the goal from the very beginning of our e-commerce journey, and now that leg of the trip is over. Now, it is time for you, our customer, to reap the benefits of this hard work.

At our website, you will find everything you need to complete your online shopping experience with Alta Tech. Our online store has our complete inventory, meaning that whatever you need in refurbished computer and server tech, you can get it there. On top of that, we also have the incredibly helpful option of building your own server. Need a specific machine to meet your specific needs? Build it on our website. Found a server you like but wish it were outfitted a bit differently? No problem. At you can fully customize your server to meet your exact specifications.

Are you on the market for a specific brand or line of products? Maybe you deal exclusively in Dell PowerEdge, or HP ProLiant, or some other specific name. If that is the case, then our helpful Meet the Team page has all the contact info of all or our sales reps, allowing you to get into contact with the person who can help you the most, as well as build up a relationship with them to continuously meet your tech needs.

For keeping up with everything happening with Alta Tech, be it sales, deals, conferences, and much more, you can access our blog, which is probably where you are reading this. Stay up to date with anything and everything Alta Technologies.

As we said, it has been a long journey getting here, but it has all been worth it. So, check out our website at and let us help you with whatever IT hardware needs you have.