eBay Open 2019

eBay Open 2019

Posted by Tyler Lee on Jul 30th 2019

"We are the human commerce company," eBay CEO Devin Wenig said as he kicked off the opening sessions on the second day of the eBay Open, eBay's annual marketing conference in Las Vegas. Over 1,500 sellers, including a few from Alta Technologies, made their way to Nevada to attend the 3-day conference from July 23 - 25, hoping to gain more knowledge on selling, marketing, and fully utilizing the giant company's many tools geared towards helping move their products into the hands of potential buyers, all while networking with fellow entrepreneurs.


Designed to bring eBay sellers together from around the world, the eBay Open 2019 conference played host to a large crowd of hungry salespeople ready to see what was new and exciting on their number one seller platform. eBay used this stage to roll out big announcements for new tools and features, inform on new and improved policies, and shine a spotlight on innovative and dedicated sellers. For 3 days, the Mandalay Bay resort and hotel hosted workshops and sessions meant to educate sellers on all things eBay, as well as introduce them to the people behind the scenes.

Looking to showcase its new and improved features, many of the workshops and speakers at the eBay Open focused on just that, including the launch of Multi-User Account access, new Terapeak integration, and various new seller protection policies to better ensure sellers are not abused by malicious buyers. Other new features previewed included the improved photo editing tool, managed payments, and managed delivery for faster and more reliable shipping options.

Throughout the conference, many eBay executives took the stage to discuss the many above mentioned features, policies, and tools, as well as activities that would populate schedules throughout the 3-day period. These included CEO Devin Wenig, VP of Global Operations Wendy Jones, Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell, VP of Buyer Experience Mohan Patt, and many more within the general sessions and workshops. Topics ranged from seller protection and features, to SEO and social media marketing, all the way to more focused workshops for selling collectibles, hard goods, and more.

However, eBay Open 2019 wasn't just about new eBay features. The company also took this opportunity to shine a light on innovative small business sellers with their 4th annual Shine Awards. With over 1,600 submissions, eBay chose 8 as the most inspirational, and awarded them and their business a bit of the spotlight. They were Jodi Rosenbaum of More than Words, Clara Jeanne LaCelle of Surfinjunkie, Elijah McCloskey of Freewheel Madison, Todd Hallada of 2Bros Sports Collectibles, Sahil Kumar of Wholesalebiz01, John Macris of Philadelphia Candies, Dov Schreiber of Frames_n_optics, and Nanette Zupon of American Artifacts.

As the conference came to a close, eBay invited all guests to join them at a closing party at the famed House of Blues for classic music, great food, and many networking opportunities with like minded sellers. The eBay Open 2019 conference afforded many the chance to interact with others utilizing the massive sellers platform, trade stories, swap tips, ask questions, and acquire knowledge from the creators and innovators themselves.