Juniper Networks Switches and Modules

Posted by Tyler Lee on Sep 26th 2018

Network switches are an important piece of your business infrastructure. Flexible connections, as well as plenty of power and speed through those connections can define the performance in many an office. That in mind, you want something that excels where you need it.

Juniper Networks is a multinational corporations that specializes in networking equipment, and produce some of the best switches on the market. Our own sales representative Mike Brokosky, who specializes in Cisco networking products, also keeps a good supply of the highly productive Juniper Networks switch systems. Below are a few of the products Mike has for your convenience.

EX4200-48P & EX4200-48T

Both of these models of Juniper Networks switches are flexible, rack mountable units. This design offers a level of space efficiency not found in all switches, especially ones that also specialize in high performance and availability. Both of these models come with dual EX-PWR-930-AC power supplies, granting the safest and most efficient levels of power consumption.

EX4200-48P w/ EX-UM-2X4SFP Uplink Module & EX4200-48T w/ EX-UM-2X4SFP Uplink Module

Mike Brokosky and Alta Technologies not only offer the Juniper Networks EX4200-48P & EX4200-48T switch models with dual power supplies, we also offer them with an EX-UM-2X4SFP uplink module, granting the best connectivity available.

If any of these models suit your needs, or if you are in need of other networking gear from Juniper Networks or Cisco, then give Mike B. a call at (763) 475-5386.