New and Exciting Changes with our Warehouse

Posted by Tyler Lee on Jul 20th 2018

Change is inevitable with growth, and that is exactly what Alta Technologies has been experiencing (and will continue to experience). With our growth, we needed to expand in order to increase our productivity, our efficiency, and our overall space for more inventory. So, that is just what we did.

Alta Technologies               

Recently, Alta Tech expanded the warehouse area of the complex, enabling us to keep even more inventory, while also giving our warehouse team more room to work. Bigger space means more room for more inventory, and more inventory means we can make more sales and easily keep up with the higher number of sales we are seeing.

In addition to our expanded warehouse size, we also welcomed Eugene Olaru to the team as the new Operations Manager. With Eugene's experience and expertise, combined with the rest of the team, we are creating more efficiency and production in the workflow and in the logistics and operations processes. This directly effects not only morale, but productivity, ensuring a more efficient workplace overall.



Without a doubt, Alta Technologies will continue to grow. With that growth, the company will continue to change and expand. And, like always, our team will continue to adapt and help the company be the best it can be.