Servers Vs. The Cloud

Posted by Tyler Lee on May 10th 2018

So, you've had that old server for quite some time. It has done you proud, worked well, did what it was meant to do, but its time has come and you need to replace it. But, what do you do? In today's ever advancing world, you have more than one option at your disposal, which actually spurs on one of the more widely debated topics in the industry. That topic, of course, is whether to go with a dedicated server or to jump to the cloud. Before we make a choice between these two options, lets define them.


A dedicated server is a physical server kept on-site for your business. Whether purchased or rented, a dedicated server is physically present for your own business needs. Typically used by larger businesses that have high levels of security or high demands for server capacity, dedicated servers are also incredibly useful and preferred for small or medium sized, more focused businesses, such as manufacturers, shipping centers, e-commerce sellers, and much more.


The cloud, or cloud-based servers, are the exact opposite, meaning that they are not located on-site, and are usually provided through a third-party company, residing in a shared virtual environment. This method is often managed by the hosting provider, helping cut down on IT costs and other management expenses at the cost of allowing all of your data to be held off-site, giving you access to it through an internet connection from several different devices and locations.

Which is better?

Now that we know what these options are, which is better? Well, the short answer is that they both offer advantages to your business. For a cloud-based architecture, The ability to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection is quite helpful, as is the option of having management and IT on someone else's shoulders.

However, a physically dedicated server, though only accessible on-site, provides more security than cloud-based options. No third-parties have access to your data, and any problems that occur will not change that. Also, while access through an internet connection is great, not having to rely on the sometimes fickle connections can be seen as far more of an advantage. It should also be noted that using a dedicated server gives you more direct control over your data and how it is stored and used since you and not the third-party hosting provider are in control.

As can be seen above, there are many reasons why the cloud is appealing, and in many ways it is a great choice. But, for those who would rather not risk their data outside of their own business, are not up for relying on an internet connection at all times to access their data, and would much rather have the security of all of your critical information being close at hand, then a dedicated server is the way to go.

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