Micron MTFDDAK256MAM-1K12 256GB SATA SFF SED Solid State Drive

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Data storage and retrieval can be a major choke-point in the operation of any system. Solid state storage like the Micron MTFDDAK256MAM‑1K12 Solid State Drive uses non-volatile memory to store and retrieve data more quickly, quietly, and efficiently than a conventional hard disk.

The Micron MTFDDAK256MAM‑1K12 Self‑Encrypting Solid State Drive comes ready to meet your storage needs, sporting a SATA interface in a 2.5" (SFF) form factor, and up to 256 GB of storage space. Its maximum transfer rate of 6 Gb/s complements its solid-state construction, ensuring lightning-fast data storage and retrieval.

This Micron MTFDDAK256MAM‑1K12 Solid State Drive has been removed from a working unit, tested for complete functionality by our expert in-house Certified Technician, and is ready to ship today!

Purchase with confidence, as the photos above represent the exact quality of your items, and come bundled with our 90 Day Warranty.

*Please note, we have additional Refurbished HP Storage Drives in stock; feel free to send a message and we will update the quantity to suit your specific needs.*

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